Every athlete, trainer, coach and physical therapist using V12 PRO has a competitive advantage over those not using our system. Our medically approved compression garments and German engineered device is designed for recovery and rehab after injuries and even known to be beneficial when used directly after major surgeries.
V12 PRO purchase includes recovery pants, our patent 12 chamber air compressor device and a sports bag for travel. Accessories such as: leg, arm and compression jacket garments are sold separately.
How it works
A therapeutic technique pattern that includes our German engineered air pump and medically approved inflatable garments. The system is designed to improve venous blood circulation in the limbs of athletes between workouts or competition.

V12 PRO can eliminate swelling and increases blood flow to speed up recovery time and effectively removes all lactate acid from the legs to allow the limb to regenerate properly and quickly. Sports injuries are one of the leading setbacks for any athlete. Being able to avoid injury and returning to play as soon as possible after injury, V12 PRO helps the athlete tremendously with both.


Deoxygenated blood is pumped back to the heart and to the lungs, where the blood is oxygenated again. A special pump system, the so-called muscular pump, makes sure that the venous blood is moved from the limbs against gravity in direction to the heart. Walking or any other movement of the limbs causes an alternation of contraction and relaxation of the vessels. This interaction presses the blood forwards while functional valves in the veins prevent a return flow.
Disorders of the venous flow (Chronic venous insufficiency) lead to Edema and skin reaction as local inflammation, discoloration, thickening, and an increased risk of ulcers. The slowing down of the venous blood flow favors the development of blood clots in the veins (thrombosis).


The lymphatic vessels run along the blood vessels and empty through the cava vein into the blood circulation. The lymphatic system has the following functions:
  • transport of metabolic end products from the interitem to the venous blood vessel system (protein, fat and cells)
  • regulation of the body fluids between the cells
  • works as part of the immune system involvement in the immune defense

The transport of the lymphatic fluids is affected by rhythmic contraction of the vascular muscles. Those motions are enhanced by the contractions of skeletal muscles.
Disorders of the lymphatic system can result into lymphedema. A lymphedema is a visible and tactile swelling caused by the accumulation of liquids in the tissue. Every edema, for example posttraumatic and postoperative, is a secondary lymphatic edema.
For Example: The recovery pants entire air inflated sequential process flows through 12 different chamber cells throughout the garment one after another taking care of muscle stress groups starting at the feet working its way up through the legs, adductors and hips. The process ends around lower back, glutes and abdomen, the most important lymphatic system area of the human body. After 12th chamber is finished inflating, the entire process starts again back at your feet in the 1st chamber.

IPC builds a repeating pressure in direction distal to proximal which stimulates and supports the muscular pump. The muscular pump provides, due to the movement of the muscles, the reflux of the venous blood.
The venous and lymphatic drainage will be noticeably improved. During the pause of the therapy oxygenated blood streams back into the tissue. The therapy increases the blood flow and the metabolism and supports the exchange of gas caused by the mechanical stimulus.

  • decompensated cardiac insufficiency
  • acute erysipelas
  • acute phlegmon
  • compartment syndrome
  • severe unstabilised hypertension
  • acute soft-tissue-trauma of extremities
  • pronounced neuropathy of the extremities
  • blistering dermatoses
  • occlusive processes in the lymphatic drainage area
  • extensive thrombophlebitis, thrombosis or suspected thrombosis

Who is using the V12 PRO?

Triathletes, basketball player, handball player, hockey player, professional teams and other athletes are using our compression therapy system V12 PRO to regenerate their bodies faster and efficiently to help them perform at a high level.

The V12 PRO has become an often routine in the daily schedule for all professional basketball players in Europe. Due to a heavy practice and game schedule, recovery is a difficult task to maintain. Therefore, V12 PRO is known to help players with their recovery process being an added tool helping them regenerate heavy legs rapidly and efficiently. Also, its known to help with rehab and injury prevention. More basketball players are becoming huge fans of the 30 – 45 minute compression therapy sessions at home after a long day of strenuous work and travel. Below are just a few photos of many professional basketball players using V12 PRO on a regular basis.

Elias Harris
Brose Bamberg – Easy Credit BBL
Basketball Champions League
Niels Giffey
Alba Berlin – Easy Credit BBL
Adam Waczyński
Unicaja – Liga ACB / EuroCup
Derrick Allen
Science City Jena - EasyCredit BBL - Germany
We started the PSR project in 2013 and since then we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from athletes worldwide. V12 PRO is being used by athletes and professional athletes all over Europe. I’m a retired 10-year basketball professional in Germany and have experienced all types of therapy treatment for recovery. Personally, I’ve used other compression therapy systems throughout my career and the V12 PRO was by far the best choice for me.Its sequential pattern technique and its full pants effect covering more important areas then just only the legs create a beneficial advantage than any other devices on the market. I do business with lots of individual physical therapist and team staff doctors. I’ve received feedback from both fields informing me that the V12 PRO makes sense as a top device in sports medicine because of its medically approved sequential technique and garments for rapid recovery. Also, it’s a known fact to be highly effective for rehab for injuries and even used after major surgery.

Professional basketball team physicians in Germany are currently using V12 PRO also provided us with positive feedback saying "players love the product and are always in debate to whom gets to take the V12 PRO home with them as an added tool for rapid recovery after training".

People always ask me, what’s the differences between V12 PRO and other devices on the market? In my response, "V12 PRO is an experience that only you will understand after using the system. It’s "The Real Recovery" everyone needs and should experience if you haven’t yet. Every athlete comes home after a long day of work and travel and wakes up the next morning with tired sore legs. Now V12 PRO provides a medical solution to help minimize tremendously those symptoms and effectively treat your legs before you go to sleep that night. As a result, providing your legs with a competitive advantage at your next day training or competition."

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